why didn’t you guys tell me the link failed…?!

Sorry about that! Just realized today there was some sort of user error and the link led you back to the post! I’ve said for years, I have just enough tech knowledge to make myself dangerous!

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Valerie Dowdy Art Portfolio slideshow

Just because:

I have beautiful jonquils and daffodils this spring, and I happen to own a solar powered “Waving Pope” I thought you’d enjoy this image. And no, I am not catholic but i did sleep in a holiday inn express once… 😀

Reminder–this is a rotating slideshow for an event coming up in Richmond, Virginia at the Museum of History & Culture. It is Looonggg so it’s ok if you don’t finish it. I’m looking for input. Please comment! 👍🏼

Peace, Valerie

Don’t believe this quote??

Ask the Sackler family…