Coming Soon…My Debut Novel,The Adventures Of Phoebe Harrison, Mom. Wife. Sleuth...?


About Valerie: Valerie is a professional artist with over twenty-five years of experience in art. Her immense passion is exemplified in every stroke of her brush, as she brings her visions to life on blank canvases. Having studied and worked to hone her skills over the the lifetime of her artistic journey, Valerie has developed her unique style.

Valerie finds peace and inspiration in the serene beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Central Virginia. Surrounded by rural and breathtaking scenery, she embraces the tranquility it provides. Here, she dives deep into her artistic realm, exploring techniques, experimenting with different mediums, and constantly pushing the boundaries of her artistic expression.

Beyond her artistry, Valerie has discovered a newfound passion for gardening. With her green thumb, she is transforming her backyard into a her own vibrant oasis. Hopefully, it will one day brim with an array of colorful flowers and lush greenery, a living sculpture. The process of nurturing and witnessing the growth of her garden provides a source of inspiration and parallels with her artistic journey.

Valerie strives to evolve as an artist, constantly seeking new inspiration and developing her techniques. She invites viewers to step into her world, to experience the stories and emotions she encapsulates within the canvas. Valerie’s art is a personal reflection of her heart and a like a visual symphony.