The Devil is in the Details…

This is a 12×12 inch canvas paper created in watercolor and ink. Still working on portfolio building. I suddenly realized that I do not have very many pieces left from the beginning of this body of work. I’m not sure if I am complaining or bragging!?!!

I titled this post as the devil is in the details, mostly I am referring to the framing part of a show preparation. Geezus, can we agree already to require a particular canvas, and framing is optional?? I know very few artists who can afford to even do shows because this is a major expense. And the irritating part is that most people have the pieces reframed to suit themselves! I mean if you’re buying a piece for the frame, you’re kind of missing the point right??

Anyway, I’m back to wrestling with the final stages of a newer piece and you’ll have to look for more on that later….