Me? Giving Art Talks, Oy vey…

Surreal Art Series 2 of 9 continued today. Details: untitled, 18×24 canvas, acrylics, watercolor pencil, ink

FYI-I am honored when i am asked to give art talks, teach workshops, etc. I am always honored that people think I have something worth saying, I really am. But my skills at discussing my work publicly have not improved ever-EVER-they have actually worsened if you can imagine that?! People who are close to me are chuckling no doubt, as they read this because they know it’s SO TRUE. I do not know where most artists creativity are pulled from, or if/how they ever get comfortable discussing their work, but I can definitively tell you that, for me, it is very personal and emotional-to the point I’ve been know to tear up or even cry when I do. Very often what art lovers experience or takes away from my work is the polar opposite. I feel like my explanations somehow will/do detract from you the viewer. So if I’ve ever failed you in explaining or politely refused to explain my art, now you know why. It is the same reason I hate to title work, I don’t want to influence your response, and in my opinion, these things should NEVER get in the way of your experience of art. Ever.

Peace, Valerie

*Tomorrow is First Friday get downtown to see and enjoy art, foods, music or whatever, just support your community.

My work is exhibited with

Riverviews Artspace Co-Op Gallery

901 Jefferson Street

Lynchburg, VA

Hope I see you there!

Surreal Series 2 of 9 by Valerie Dowdy Art

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.

~Leo Tolstoy