Insomniac Art Blogger…

I am feeling spread a thin lately. (Is that even an expression anymore?) And, I’m not feeling up to full capacity yet from the crud. Then of course, there’s this whole insomnia thing (it’s 3:30AM as I work on this post). I fall asleep, and a couple hours later it is as though an alarm clock goes off and I’m wide awake. I try to lay still thinking I’ll dose off…..some days I even manage to trick myself back to sleep. This morning, not so much.

Yesterday evening was pretty fun filled, I went to drum circle. If you know me personally, feel free chuckle, for the rest of you, I’ll explain. I’m not really musically gifted and I certainly never considered myself a drummer. But I have to admit, I really enjoy this group. They could care less how many times you miss a beat (lucky me!). Then I headed downtown to the Art space co-op for “sketch society” a sort of social gathering for artists to sketch, sip some refreshments, talk art techniques, supplies, or just be still and create. It was my first time participating, and I enjoyed it a lot. I was particularly happy because 5 of the artists that are also in my ATC (Artist Trading Cards) group represented. I got to meet some I didn’t know personally and we added a newbie which brought our total to 25 artists-How bout that!

I started working in mine. Trees. Who’s surprised? Me either. Haha Unfortunately, I had to cull four of these because they were to short and a little crooked, because i am sadly lacking in cutting skills. (First person to reach out to me in comments or by email can have those 4!) I must break down and purchase a cutting device of some sort.

Only 21 more to go….

Who’s big idea was this again??

Peace, Valerie