In The Studio…Like A Boss

Addendum: I just reread this and it comes across as a bullets of facts and info. Sorry…I rushed to get a post published after I realized how long it had been since my last.

I’ve been working in the studio a LOT.

This is the smallest painting I’ve created in quite a while. It’s 24x24x2 inch gallery canvas. It’s coming along….

I am in the studio a lot (is worth repeating) because I am trying to get ready for an upcoming show, and varnishing canvases etc.

I found a great water based and unscented (important part) clear coat. It went on nice and dried pretty in a reasonable time. To really get the depth of pigment enhanced, I had to put two layers on my canvas. It’s a little pricey, but most of it is, right?

This was NOT a PAID endorsement with Gamblin! I’m just sharing my review after using this product with you.

I’ve also been participating in a social media thing #lyhmakersweek AND I started a new painting, after I said I wasn’t going to paint anything, I’m doing this to myself!

I really wanted to wait until the show was delivered, and the live painting is over and done. But, my brain had other ideas. Fellow artists know what I’m talking about, right?

And like I don’t have enough going on, I decided to paint this old table and see if I could freshen it up. Turned out ok. I’m working up to painting on fabric!

A friend of mine went to Brooklyn to visit family and got to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at Brooklyn Museum! I was very jealous. But, she was kind enough to bring me a gift tote. I was half expecting to turn it over and see “and all I got was this lousy tote”.

Sorry it’s been six days since I updated, hopefully you get an idea of my days. I didn’t even mention Scrappers? Meetings, the co-op….

Peace, Valerie