What’s On My Canvas…?

Greetings from my studio! It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to get these posts in on a regular basis and I do apologize for this, yet another lapse. I am making art. More personal art and in various ways. Summertime usually inspires a little selfishness in my time and art.

A garden art sign I painted. Made from repurposed and new parts

However, my canvas is on the easel and it is progressing, slowly. I do love spring and summer so much. It is during this time I am sort of reborn and reconnected with life which in turn manifests in my art work. Also, there are and have been many labor intensive outdoor projects in works, plus my new obsession with flowers and gardening that I won’t even get started on discussing…

I am more reliable with my social media accounts so please consider following me: Instagram.com/valeriedowdyart and if you’d like to see what’s going on in my gardens follow Instagram.com/theasthmaticgardener, Twitter.com/valartist, and Facebook.com/valeriedowdyart. (Nice excuse to plug my social media, right? Hah I am clever that way)

Untitled: Work In Progress: 24x36x2 inch canvas, acrylic medium

The back story-I follow an account on social media, it is a lovely photography account, and it’s loaded with bucolic English gardens, and landscapes. One of those that would make even the most stalwart city dweller yearn for colorful, disorganized gardens full of life, colors and textures. It was one such photo from this account that inspired the painting currently on my easel.

Close up of the Queen in Progress

“There’s no backward and no forward, no day other than this. You fill your cart as you go, and that’s that.” 

― John Burnham Schwartz, Northwest Corner

Until next time. Remember to fill your cart.