Blame It On The Rain…

Above image is my raised bed i painted.
This image is at my house too

I have a thing for borrowing song lyrics and using them as titles. What can I say, I listen to music often. While this has absolutely nothing to do with my art, we purchased a new Bose sound bar and sub woofer and I gotta say that it really ups your sound experience. (No this not a paid promo).music inspires my work. It soothes me, relaxes me, and uplifts me. Music is a very impressionistic part of my life both artistically and personally.

Beetle on a piece of slate roof tile

In regards to art: i have started a new piece and I am beginning with an under painting using complimentary color. It’s an old technique, mostly applied to oil paintings. There’s something so rich and special to see those unexpected peeks at colors not necessarily expected. It ups the game in a subtle but richer way. Besides oil painters does anyone else still do this?
Do you use oils? acrylics?

work in progress…

I’m not going to apologize again for lapses in blogging, but just say that I hope you’ve been finding time to bath in the sunlight, play in the diet and reconnect some with my favorite part of life too. We’ve eaten crooked penis carrots (my nickname for them), lots of lettuce, a few prized strawberries as they mature, are anticipating peppers and herbs, all along and while I’ve passionately shared my gardens and flowers on other social media. I’ve already added to my hydrangea collection, I am up to 15 shrubs now. These were quite accidental when I checked out the clearance plants at a close by big box plant section. It will be one of many trips- I am guiltily admitting. I also picked up some other shrubs, 2 evergreen dwarf spruces and many flowers so far. (See all I do is start talking flowers and I’m like a runaway train). 😬💚🤪 Follow my page on Instagram: if you like and my art gallery page is Say hello if you visit!

RedBubble Wearable Art, Etc: I have had some recent success with my shop page, and if you’re looking for gifts or treating yourself I hope you’ll consider something with my work on it. I know I’ve said this before but, you’re supporting several artists when you buy—me, the tech artists who created the site and keep it going, the. Print artists who; apply the work to your chosen objects-like stickers,cards, bags, totes, home decor, apparel….something for everyone. Here is the link:

Until next time…

“To practice any art, no matter how well or how badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. So do it.”

– Kurt Vonnegut