A Beautiful Mind #2

This painting is the one I referred to before, about feeling the press to get it finished to enter it into a juried show. I hit the zone finally and spent most of the day in my studio painting. I was able to finish the piece and get the entry completed. With a couple weeks to spare!

Surrealism, I am finding, is a difficult genre of art for people to appreciate. The artist uses symbols and dream like imagery in the work to address a specific feelings and subjects. Generally, a lot of people don’t know or have studied art enough to realize that the ‘pretty’ Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance period art is full of religious and symbolic meanings, political statements, and innuendo. Artists addressed hot topics of their time by cleverly disguising the symbols within pretty portraits, landscapes and florals. There are many articles on the meanings of objects used and their intended meaning if you care to read further on this subject.

Without any more ado, here is the completed painting, and I gotta admit, I am proud of her.




  1. I love this painting, Valerie!!!