Surrealism art in progress…

I’m a failure as a blogger.

Trying to maintain my social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and a blog leaves me feeling tied up in knots all the time. Did I post using good hashtags, should I write more words, less words, get more personal with readers, or less personal? It keeps my mind spinning most days. Everywhere I look online there are ads reminding me of what I’m doing wrong, and how, if i will just sign up and pay this small fee they will provide me with the golden ticket to launching art careers and six figure earnings (yeah right). A lot of times I feel like throwing my hands up and saying forget it all. I really just want to paint.

But I don’t give up, like the rest of the herd, I plunge along, posting, commenting, sharing, and aspiring for social media popularity.

Does he/she/they with the most ♥️???


Peace, Valerie

Photos of current work progress: