Grief Doesn’t Actually Kill You…

It amazes me that grief doesn’t actually kill you. It sure feels like it could when you lose someone or something precious to you like a pet. You work hard to cope with this loss, and then the smallest of things happen, to bring it all rushing right back. But somehow, you manage to get control of your self and keep moving, one day or one hour at a time.

I started this piece a while back, I was painting in the kitchen to be near Abe. Watching my four legged companion slip away slowly, was achingly difficult and before I realized it, I’d begun to put those feelings onto a canvas.

Trying to control something you have no power over is exhausting. Like trying to capture water without a vessel, no matter how hard you try, water seeps between your fingers and drains slowly away. We try to capture bits here and there. They become the connections and memories that mentally bind our lives with with one another. But, time marches on and we must too. And for me part of that process was creating this artwork.