The Keeper & The Dreamer

This work, will either be titled as above, or “The Dream Keeper”. I cannot decide.

It was an exciting piece for me to work on and watch as it unfolded from the tip of brushes. But, it had to be big, I think, to pull you in to the dreamscape, where you become a part of the story. Or at least, that is how I hope it affects you when you see the painting.

It is a large piece 30x40x2 inch gallery canvas, and created with acrylics. I’ve never been overly fond of acrylics, but I am becoming so, more and more. I’ll always miss oils, but that is a battle for another day.

This piece will be part of the upcoming show with

Ebb & Flow, Antiques 71 River Road Faber, Virginia

Artist Reception September 7, 3-5pm

Fun Facts about this place: remember a long running series called The Walton’s? This building, originally connected with the series of the Waltons. Oh, and they just happen to be right off the Brew Trail:

Valerie Dowdy Art ©️all rights reserved

Art Postcard idea coming up next….I’m designing them for the upcoming events, shows.

I feel like I have need of a creative break. I’ll do my best to entertain you with interesting blog updates, and I need to focus on finishing up my outline for an upcoming speaking engagement, I let myself get talked into. 45 minutes……..those poor people. If you’re in the area, I am speaking to the Hill City Art Club, September 6 at 10am. Send me lots of good, positive energy, and vibes, and karma, and anything else good you want to forward!! I’m really wishing I had my friends skills of being a ‘bull-shit artist’ right now.

Until next time.

Peace, Valerie

“I am magic. I am mystery. I purposefully cloak my meanings. But my ruse is not intended to daunt you from discovering me. My secrets ache to be discovered by you. Keep seeing my wisdom. Your effort insures your reward.” 

~Avia Venefica on Crow Symbolism