Missed it….and in need of good vibes

A Beautiful Mind-By Valerie Dowdy

Of course I waited until the last day, but my poor dog woke up sick on Monday, and I missed the deadline for entering a juried show at the art club. Double damn. life happens.

My Abe, just turned 15 last month, he’s a cairn terrier and he’s had a lot of health problems in the past few years. Currently, he’s suffering with vestibular disease, caused by an inflammation in the central nervous region. I’m not sure how this is going to turn out….but, If he’s going to be ok we should know by this evening. If he doesn’t improve, then he’s most likely dealing with a tumor in the cerebellum region. We cannot afford a CAT scan if it comes to be that. I am not sure I’d want to put him through it anyway, with his age, stress, and to o oh confirm bad news. There won’t be any good news or options left. To say I’m really distressed would be an understatement. And so sad.

Medical expenses are beyond ridiculously expensive. My advise, is to get pet insurance immediately upon ownership, before there is time for “pre-existing” problems, or your dog ages and begins to have health concerns/issues.

This post is kind of a bummer, and I’m sorry about that. Send good vibes, puppy prayers, and love our way please. Abe and I need them!