Let’s Throw Some Art In…

In between emptying boxes or totes, I pulled out my iPad,and Apple Pencil. I was feeling a creative vibe and wanted to nurture it, despite all the chaos that is currently surrounding me. I mean that in the most literal sense! 

Totally off subject: You know, I’ve purged once already when we were packing to move to Lynchburg, and now a year later, it seems I’m doing so again. Ugh! As I get older my values are beginning to evolve. What was important to me when I had three children, a dog and husband consuming my life, are no longer as valuable or significant. I’m looking around me as I blog, and notice that the things I do hold dear are already out of their boxes, wrapping paper and bubble wrap. They are displayed proudly in my new space. Momentoes of trips, gifts, and art, each a reminder of a special moment shared with the people who mean the most. (with the aforementioned people)

But I digress, I came here to blog about my newest digital artwork. It feels damn good to create something, it’s been too long. (if you’re just tuning in, let me warn you, I have a serious ‘thing’ for trees). All shapes, sizes, and types. Real or imagined, I love to draw, paint, shoot or sculpt trees. 

Here’s my newest work:

As I slowly make my way through the house emptying boxes, and purging I’m really mostly thinking about making art and getting upstairs to play in my paint and set up my studio! Yay!!

For now I must be a dutiful minded soul who finishes setting up her home. Until next time friends,