Boxes, Totes and Chairs, Oh My…

We currently feel caught up in a game of Tetris. Shift three boxes to the left, and one blue tote to the right, then the clear box with the red lid moves forward two spaces. These are typical conversations on a daily basis. Anyone who’s ever moved twice in just over a year knows exactly what I’m talking about and how we feel. When will it end? who can really say, but progress is being made, albeit very slow. 

I’ve heard it said, ‘if you pray for patience (and I need some right about now),  you can expect trials’, who wants those, right? I used to think this expression only applicable to the subject of raising children, not to commanding boxes and totes into an orderly system.  I can now testify, it is not so. It most definitely does apply to my current situation, and the trials come in the form of boxes, totes and chairs. (Why do I own so many chairs, and what does this say about me?) 

Thank you for joining me as I begin blogging about my (mis)adventures. I’m sure there will be laughter, groaning, and more purging involved as the days roll on. And, these will be on the good days! I’m joking….well mostly. 
I am having fun recreating our new nest, more than I thought I would! Especially after our lives suddenly turned topsy turvy.  It’s off with the old and on with the new. Well that’s kind of true, it’s more of a mixture of old and new. I’m bored way too easily to settle with any one style. My friends call me quirky and eclectic. I’m good with either of those descriptions. 

I’m beginning with the kitchen, after all, the kitchen is the heart of the home. You come together each morning at some point and again near the close of your day. Our kitchen is a typical farmhouse style, with cabinets marching in a straight row across the depth of the room,  sturdy and simple. And not nearly enough!  They were painted a boring almond color. They have received a bright new shade of white (well when we’re finished)

 I don’t have one of those cool farmhouse sinks, but that, and new countertops are just a dream away.  Im thankful that the sink basins are nice and deep, unlike our recent rental, I am not going to complain.

The walls were a country blue color that did nothing for the room, so I chose a gorgeous sunflower gold, and that warmed the walls right up. We used Behr brand paint with primer. I chose this brand because they offer a very low VOC. The smells were so faint I didn’t have to leave the house. (Great product for allergy and asthma sufferers like me) and (This is not a paid endorsement). 
 *note: the color yellow and low VOC paint usually require 2 coats, and ours did.  It is common with lighter colors for this to happen, so plan accordingly. The paint glides on nice and smooth.  I give it a 4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️out of 5.