What Do You See?

In today’s world technology moves so quickly that most of us struggle to keep up with its infinite boundaries.

I will argue that the connection between the artist, their canvas and media of choice is irreplaceable. I am not dismissive of the benefits and productivity that technology affords an artist. The challenge of manipulating a digital brush or pen across a glass screen is very satisfying. In fact a lot of my newer work is created using digital means. It’s an invaluable tool to add to your supplies. 

This piece is drawn with my ? Pencil. I have to admit I was skeptical when I first starting trying to use this medium for creating art, but I quickly had to reevaluate my opinions. There are a lot of great free app programs out there and the keep improving the artist-digital painting experience. The need for more pro, eco-friendly thinks and doers, digital technology encourages and promotes your success. Creating a new level to ingenuity, creativity, and affordability to artists and art lovers. 

So, what do you see?