It’s Officially A Series …

I’ve lost count of how many pieces there are in this series but they just keep coming. I learned a long time ago to ride the train when it starts rolling. It might suddenly stop, but sometimes something beautiful happens. You just do not know until you…let it go.

Wait…isn’t there a Disney song about that? 😉 sorry lame joke 😂

A Friend & A Thief by ValerieDowdyArt

Did you know The word “kleptotrichy” comes from the Greek words for “to steal” and “hair.” The behavior has rarely been described by scientists but was recently given to birds who steal hair from mammals in 2021.

Tea In My Garden by ValerieDowdyArt

They say to paint the things you love. For years I painted trees. And more trees. I still love trees and painting them. But since the pandemic, I jumped into gardening with both feet. It is a work in progress that i hope never ends. I even created an Instagram page to share my (our) progress. I call myself The Asthmatic Gardener. I won’t ever get to create cut flower displays for indoors, but I can enjoy them in my garden.

Endless Love by ValerieDowdyArt

Yet another anomaly to creating all of these new pieces, is that I almost always know what I will call/title the art before I finish.

So that’s my story for today. Nothing life defining or changing. Just a crazy artist finding her way through this life. As we slowly begin to emerge from the last 2 years which have forever altered us as a individuals and a population. These reverberations will echo into history.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

George Bernard Sage

Until next time. Peace Valerie