I Love The Crow’s Personality…

Just when you think you understand your art and where you’re headed your brain throws you a curve ball and you’re making a cheeky crow piece. There’s really only one way to explain this, or at least, what I believe this to be about. There is a murder of crows that hang around our area. I feed them and sometimes one will call back to me when I mimic their sound. Well it’s actually more the cadence of their sound.

A Crow & A Daisy by ValerieDowdyArt

Anyway, they are endlessly fascinating to me. Extremely smart the crows are just as aware of where I am in the house and around the yard than i am them. Perhaps they are just as curious about the crazy woman who responds, offers treats, and paints. I like to think this is so. Which reminds me that I need to pick up some more peanuts.

Timelapse Video of my process

A few months back I started a PT job working for a doctor who’s also a property developer and has five LLC’s. I am paying his bills/ bookkeeping kind of thing from home. I go in occasionally to meet with him when he is in town. There are so many numbers spinning in my head these days I’m dizzy most of the time. Credits, debits, ugh….it’s been a good challenge for me. I can’t and won’t say I have not made any mistakes, but at least they’ve all been fixable (thank the stars). I am so hard on myself though when I do make an screw up. Sigh, I guess I should examine that a bit closer one day. Just not today!

But, I am saying all this to tell you that it is definitely impacting my studio time and with spring/garden time here, I KNOW myself well enough to say that this blog will be taking lots of hits. So I am apologizing for now. Maybe apologizing is not the correct word here….but rather explaining why I might disappear sometimes.

With Attitude by ValerieDowdyArt 2021

This crow image is one of my favorites, when I saw the photo I loved the attitude and had to try replicating in my style. The design is in my RedBubble SHOP. You can add it to things like t-shirts, journals, iPad cases, and more items. Even a poster if you’re so inclined. Link⤵️


Until next time. Peace, Valerie