A Digital Art Series

Sometimes at night while we watch tv I like to draw/doodle in my digital art app on the iPad. I use Adobe Fresco and Autodesk sketchbook both. I like them for different reasons.


The biggest being i like a simple to understand app that will not do everything for me. I prefer the way these apps allow me to feel like I’m literally working in a media without all the muss and fuss.

All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go

I don’t have a name for this series but most of the individual pieces do have names. I also don’t know if I’m done with this series. There’s an elementary desire to do more and to enjoy the process of something new. The ironic side to this is that I am currently painting on a canvas too, and there is a major difference between them it and these pieces. I don’t know why, so…

Next time I’ll share the tree and maybe even be finished with it by then. Until that time, take care, stay healthy and sane in these crazy times which we find ourselves.

Peace, Valerie