Eco-Dyed Silk Scarves

My last post was a pretty sad story, but I have to admit it helped to write it down. I won’t say I’m through grieving, but then I don’t supposed you’d expect me to be either. I am getting back into the routine of life. Or at least developing a new routine. It’s a slow process.

I have a painting on my easel that I am feeling the pressure to finish. I want to enter it into a juried exhibition that accepts national work and my deadline is fast approaching. I didn’t get accepted last year, and I am trying again this year. It’s hard to face rejection at any level of your art career, and that’s another subject for another day. But rejections you will get…so keep working and keep trying.

I started my new routine by starting a new eco-dye scarf project. I’ve learned a bit more about the rust dyeing process. It’s tricky, uncontrollable, and the hot Central Virginia sunshine is my friend in creating levels of color intensity and striations. I am really pleased with how this one turned out, and have pics in this post to share with you. I have one more on the stretcher, I feel like it needs a bit more pizazz so I am going to add some colors before i steam that scarf. My scarves may seem a bit pricey, and I’d just like to remind people that they are not simply one and done kind of projects. This particular scarf took about 4 days of manipulation and processing. Four days, yes that is what I said. And, there will never been another scarf exactly like yours, it’s impossible. You are buying fashion that is art. Wearable art.

I am participating in the Makers Brunch with Riverview Artspace on Sunday, October 14, where I will have my scarves. If you see something you’d like to have now please contact me now. I do ship purchases and I use priority mail, so you will have your items in two business days. Please allow extra time for Special Orders-require more time.

Wear and enjoy them with pride!