Conversations Between Artists & Art Lovers….

Starting a new painting! This is a sneak peek at the top and bottom halves separately.

did you know: I’ve been doing a little Morning Glory research and read that varieties of their seeds are hallucinogens, causing a reaction similar to LSD, who knew? I did not.

true story: The above info is particularly interesting to me because, I recently met an older (Than me) lady during one of my exhibits. I’d run in to pick up a piece that was accepted into another show. It happened to be the favorite of this new person. She stopped me and introduced herself, and began to compliment my work. Specifically, the very piece I was holding. She smilingly informed me that she used to do LSD in California years ago, and looking at my art work, especially the one in my hands, gave her a strong desire to do it again, and then revisit my work at length.


Talk about your verbal land mine! I didn’t quite know how to respond, except to say, ‘cool’ and with a cheeky smile say “you know, you can buy it and take it home to look at forever”. This pleased her, and she threw her head back and laughed. One of the best things about being a painter is some of the unique conversations, and experiences that are shared between an art lover and the artist. It will be a while before this one gets knocked off my #1 spot!

Peace, Valerie ((wink face))

The morning glory which blooms for an hour, differs not at heart from a giant pine that lives for a thousand years.~Alan Watts