Art News:

Snowmen snowmen everywhere!

I’ve just realized, that there have been so many things going on-my prolific output of work, finishing up the snowman commission, I just built the outdoor sculpture and I committed to a coloring book event with Baines Bookstore. It dawns on me last night- There are no more art shows for 2019, finished.

Coloring Book Signing Event: Baines Bookstore & Coffee Appomattox, Virginia~11/16/19 11-1:00 pm

Strange and Beautiful Art Exhibit at Ebb & Flow comes down October 27.

Deep breath…..

I did not sign up for any of the local holiday markets. I need a break. I really do want to continue to paint as long as the muse is with me. I am and will be accepting commissions for holiday and artwork.

The biggest surprise I had to share for October is being accepted as a pop up artist at the NEON Festival, in Norfolk (this weekend). But, due to an unexpected glitch, I am not. I am bummed out about not getting to not participate. The good news is that I have been invited to participate in 2020. yes! Thanks NEON Festival

This is my newest art work, again, smaller than typical of me, at 16×20 canvas, but somewhat powerful piece (IMHO).

Changes-by Valerie Dowdy-16×20 canvas-Available
©️all rights reserved

On A Personal Note:

As the season changes from summer to fall, I always begin to feel myself being pulled into a slower mindset. I need comfortable, quiet, contemplating and restoration. I am supposing that we all feel this in the fall, it is not exclusive to myself or other makers, and it is part of what makes impending holidays special-this time of settling in and gathering together.

Snow-digital painting by Valerie Dowdy
-giclée prints on demand
©️all rights reserved

Today’s Quote:

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit to the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. ~Maya Angelou

Until next time.

Peace, Valerie