Bears, Acrylic Paint & Pallet Wood…

I know! Not the typical art you see my create, right? I got my ‘Bob Ross’ on. ???

It’s a simple story really, I was given a pallet sign and I’m not that into this type of decor. I head to Pinterest (of course) to see what’s going on in the pallet art world. (I’d just painted a horse for someone else on their pallet sign.) and, here I am with a pallet sign, some paint and time at my disposal.

I ran across these grizzly bear designs with midwestern tree landscapes, very cool. But I am a SW Virginia native, and we have black bears, and some of the most beautiful fall colors you’ll ever see. (Shout out to the Appalachian Mountains). AND, I’d recently had my own unique experience with a black bear in my front yard this month (long story). It just seemed to make sense to adapt the design a bit and have some fun, and the rest is history, as they say.

For sale: I won’t have access to more of these, so this is a one time deal.

Price: $100 (includes shipping in US)

Size: 17×20 inches approximately

If you’re local to me, then I am willing to meet you somewhere, and the price will be $75.