Baby It’s a Back Thing!

Hey Everyone,

so it’s been a little while since I posted, but never fear I am back. As a matter of fact, it is all my ‘backs’ fault that I have not posted. I have a bum back, and it decided to act out mid mural. Of course, right? I was in the zone and working away, then pop goes the disc and my only thought was, how the hell am I getting downstairs with Abe…!? (Because of course I’ve not finished setting up the guest room) I’d be willing to wager it took us about 20 minutes and Abe was on best behavior (I could be exaggerating about the time, but pain was fogging my brain). Finally, downstairs it was a matter of getting into a prone position and heavy duty ibuprofens!


But baby I am back…in spite of my bum back. Maybe not up to backflips, but I can walk in a normal looking stride!




The ONLY good thing about being down with back issues for me is that I get time to focus on drawing, digital art, etc. and this post contains that work. The featured image is actually in progress. I will repost when it’s finished. Thanks for clicking over to visit!



Creativity takes courage…