Art For Arts Sake…

I’m not a big fan of the expression Art For Arts Sake, let me explain why. Because it implies that there is no real art being created any longer. Art is progressive in its very nature. But, when the recreations of past generations of study are copied for the purpose of selling to the masses art becomes static and the “what” in art is lost and its progression stilled.



The contemporaries felt that the artists recreating Impressionism and Realism had no need to say anything, only for the artists to be gifted and skillful. These artists are successful at making money, but their hearts and souls are asleep, creating works that are “as they really are” and without fantastic imagination. By losing the “what” in their art the spiritual essence is lost and there is no internal truth or soul, without which, art can never be healthy or whole.



Art, music and literature are usually the most sensitive areas to test unknown ideas, and look for deeper spiritual understanding. Reflecting on, or embracing this ideal is how contemporaries define success-a deeper, meaningful, spiritual knowledge.  Please do not mistakenly interpret this to mean spirituality in the context of religion predominantly. To gain better understanding and knowledge, through open thought can broaden and deepen spiritual enlightenment. Some feel it is here, where,artist need to strive toward.

In doing so, we can discover and bring forth a deeper connection with our  art whatever the perspective-light/darkness and this is why art should be more than ‘for arts sake’.

Am I a skilled artist who recreates ‘art for arts sake’?

Or, am I an artist who seeks a deeper connection of spiritual and internal truth?

In honesty, I will answer that I am both.

It is the nature of us to desire knowledge, spirituality, but sometimes to create and recreate. These moments help us to grow in skill, experience and aware. The individual must find in themselves the courage to want to grow, moving beyond our fears, and seeking internally their own truths.

I can not direct your journey, as you can not mine. We all have our individual path we must travel. How far you travel is completely up to you.

…creativity really does take courage.