A lot of my work happens without any conscious decision or direction. What I mean by this, is that I do not always begin with a clear concept or idea in mind.  But rather the process begins as a doodling exercise, or in an effort to clear my thoughts and mentally change gears.

As I mentioned before, I’ve moved twice and a third move if you include the closing of our house, all within the last year. And as a result, I have overworked and stressed myself mentally and physically. My back and my creativity both have paid the cost for these changes. I do not mean this strictly in a negative way. The physicalality involved in moving from a home of many years ((of accumulation)) is taxing beyond explaining.  I won’t even try.  And, it’s capacity to strongly effect me, my family and my life is a sort of, test of wills, between my mental strength and artistic nature. Quite simply, it has been strenuous and exhausting.

I have never claimed any great skills in resilience or strength of person, yet, as I ponder my recent life events and past experiences, I am coming to realize that I am indeed, a formidable opponent. I am not boasting, merely asserting that, I myself, see the evidence of my own personal resilience to recent events, and it’s very nature of unpredictablity. While, I might not have crossed the finish line in first place, I feel a definite satisfaction in crossing this particular line. I even feel as though this is where I am meant to be for now.

This is a digital art doodling that began to grow into art from my recent ruminating,  I watched, and study its “symbolic” meaning to me, on a personal level. I realize that the proof of my above statement is staring back at me from the images details. When I look at this creation with a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction.

She’s me, well ok, an idealized version of me. With turbulent and churning skies behind her, and vibrant grounded roots spreading out strong and sure all around, I am holding on to orb/egg. Circles of all types have appeared repetitively in my work, perhaps because, like most people, I too strive for strength, life, rebirth, and feelings of groundedness. Whether that be of an artistic, spiritual, or a physical manifestation, who can say, sometimes it is all of the above.

I think this piece speaks very loudly to each of these emotions, and subjects.


I wish you journeys, although not all are meant to be successful, through them We all hope to find our own measure of peace and happiness.