Recently, I have been exploring sort of new and different art media, pushing my creative boundaries and seeking too, inspiration from social media. One platform that has captured my attention is Instagram Channels, where I’ve been sharing my blog posts through my channel, ValArt.

However, I admit that managing and growing my presence on Instagram Channels has been perplexing. In an effort to connect with my audience, I decided to reach out and invite input. I was surprised to receive a few responses, each expressing curiosity about artists that inspire me.

I draw inspiration from a wide range of sources. Some artists whose work has deeply resonated with me is Frida Kahlo (no surprise there). Her bold and introspective self-portraits, often depicting her struggles and vulnerabilities, they are a powerful testament to strength of the human spirit. Kahlo’s art is a depicts her strength of will and the healing power of creativity. She taught me the importance of expressing one’s authentic self.

Frida Kahlo Art
Valerie Dowdy Art

In addition to this iconic figure, I have been exploring contemporary artists who push the boundaries of traditional work. Self-taught, Monica Fernandez, a Mexican artist, is at the top of my favorites. She began as a self taught painter from an early age and later enrolled in studies in Italy. I am a big fan of Canadian Artist Deb Weiers, I love the deconstructed, figurative style of loose lines in her work that roam around almost as if the pen has never lifts from the page. Using multi medias she reflects on various aspects of life, politics, history etc. There is another young Russian artist I discovered on Etsy, who has a quite remarkable style, unfortunately I’ve forgotten her name

Monica Fernandez Art
Valerie Dowdy Art

I often find inspiration in different artistic movements and periods throughout history. From the Renaissance masters, with their impeccable attention to detail, to the abstract & expressionism of the mid-20th century, each era offers it’s own unique perspective and techniques that have contributed to my artistic development.

Deb Weiers Art
Valerie Dowdy Art

Art, should have the ability to transcend language barriers and connect people from all walks of life. I hope that by sharing the art and artists that inspire me, I spark curiosity in you. After all, discovering new artists and exploring different mediums is an ongoing journey for all of us, or it should be. Whether you’re an art creator or art enthusiast continue to seek out new sources of inspiration or always be open and curious. The world is so much bigger when you open the lid of your box.

Inspiration exists; it just has to find you working.

Pablo Picasso

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  1. Thank you for sharing some of your inspirations with us. It’s interesting to see what and who influences another artists’ creative decision making. As you’ve shown, inspiration comes in all forms from countless places and times. All it takes is to *SEE it.

    You shared with us a few different artistic styles in this post. Do you have a particular style that you prefer to do your own work in?

    * SEE: I define “Seeing” differently than “Looking,” in that to Look at something one is simply noting it’s presence, but to truly See something one has to be mindful and intentional in the process of looking. Seeing implies an element of processing and understanding.

    • First, I apologize for just getting to this post. I have poor wifi on good days and besides driving me crazy it prevents me from getting messages/updates etc until later times.
      I agree with your statement about looking and seeing. We observe many people/places/things during each day, but rarely really absorb them unfortunately . I am an observer, I prefer to see than to be seen. It is one of the reasons I struggle to keep my social media consistent. I believe a lot if not most artists agree. I’m off to look at your website. Cheers ❤️