Collaboration is an essential aspect of the artistic world, where artists unite their talents to create works or participate in group exhibitions. Building a strong network of like-minded artists is paramount to achieving common goals and fostering growth. Although some artists may be selective in sharing opportunities and information, it is essential to embrace and nurture connections that resonate with your artistic journey. By doing so, you can forge a supportive community that propels your artistic endeavors to new heights of success and fulfillment.

Since 2020, my perspective has changed along with a lot of you. I’ve been on the sidelines, introspective, quietly working and trying to stay aware of the fast pace of changes and info online. When it became apparent that I needed to focus on myself, I did. Now, for the first time I am dipping my toe back into the public art realm with a one day show feature in an Apocalypse Cider & Winery on September 28. I am showing smaller than my tradition, multimedia works and fine art prints on paper, no canvas.

I’ve never been a traditional artist, so why should my first time back out be any different, right? Traditionalists will not approve of my plan of a more relaxed event. However, maybe my new work that is of more traditional themes but created through my lens of surrealism will appeal. Nothing will be matted or framed. This will be more cost affective and easier to care for and transport. Images. I will see what I have to work with soon and figure out displays.

The younger generations believe that the pomp and expense are unnecessary when it comes to art. IF their art is even printed, or created in 2D it needs no extravagant materials and displays to be appreciated. I agree. It has always been my thought that if the art itself requires that, it may be because it’s not be strong enough to stand alone.

In other words, I am not going to stress (too much) or spend a bunch of money on exhibition displays. Period. I am going to drink wine with my art supporters, friends and family that attend. So, please join me. I look forward to reconnecting. But please, do not be upset with me if I keep a bit of distance or refuse hands and hugs because I still have to take care to avoid crappy bugs, viruses and the like for my own self care/health protection. Thank you for understanding and respecting this.

Until next time,