Artist Trading Cards

I’ve been a little busy and of course probably spreading myself too thin. I couldn’t help myself this time, after rediscovering Artist Trading Cards, I knew that I am in the perfect location to do this community service project and bring artists together. We will create art and share art. Perfect, right? Right.

I started feeling better from that nasty stuff I had, finally. Now i seem to think I can take it all on, but it isn’t totally so! I have to admit to taking a nap just about every day. I’ve managed to make it through a few days that I didn’t, that’s what ya call progress, haha. And believe it or not, four weeks later, I still cough a little and have some congestion. This junk has definitely been no fun.

Back to ATC’s. I put it out on social media to see if there was any interest, and before I knew it, we have 23 committed artists, and the Riverviews Artspace (that houses the Co Op Gallery) wanted to support us, so they are buying sets of cards for everyone who wants them. Some of the artists are already creating, the rest are waiting for the cards and anxious to get started. I will of course share some information about the project when we exchange cards, and if your interested, all you have to do is search the name and you will find lots about the project. It’s actually been around since 1997.

I forgot to mention these cards are the size of baseball cards, hence the name “artist Trading cards”.

If your interested in the group of artists who’ve come together, check out our Facebook group page, it is public. Artist Tradingu Cards, A Collaborative Project

Peace, Valerie

I like the idea of collaboration – it pushes you. It’s a richer experience… (Frank Gehry)