3 Out Of 9; Sounds Like A Meatloaf Song…

Let’s get to it.

I am back up and running.

Some of you may have visited recently and discovered a weird host gator site where my page should be. Long story short-technical issues-drama-tears-stress-badda bing ((an agonizing 4 days later)) i am back!

Next up, the Destination Lynchburg coloring books have been delivered to a few local venues in the Lynchburg area and can now be purchased at will! Givens Bookstore, Spearman Artisanry, and Lynchburg General Gift Shop Each are great venues and will be glad to sell you a copy of my newest self-published coloring book. Stay tuned for more.

Valerie Dowdy Sketchbook Art-I Can’t Breathe

What took so long right?! It turns out that bronchitis a month ago was a prequel of a coming double feature. I have learned the hard way that you can actually have the flu AND pneumonia, at the same time time.

I highly recommend against it though.

I am currently battling my way back from the land of “I wish I were dead”. (Keep me and my exhausted lungs in your thoughts please)

Valerie Dowdy Art Surreal Series 3 of 9

And finally we are back to the surreal series I began sharing. It’s time for number three. I seem to really be able to relate to this one (again) after a long rough night of coughing.

Thanks for stopping by, and it will be a few days before I post again.

Peace, Valerie

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