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I’m learning that people really are interested in (my) creative process. Until recently, I did not feel that I could explain my work, how it begins, or even why it begins. For years I worked in Abstract and abstract expressionism, where Art is more of a tactile and emotion driven response to external stimuli, than it definable in terms of technique. I don’t think that most people really consider how much hard work, intuitiveness, skill, and time goes into creating any art. If you can, imagine what you ‘think’ then triple or quadruple that time and effort.

This past year, I have been making art like someone driven. But do you or anyone else realize exactly what that means? I paint every day, most days, and usually 5 days a week. Sometimes I paint for 8 hours, or more. I’ve never had the chance to focus completely on art until now. It’s exhilarating, exhausting and overwhelming. I understand more now about my creative process than ever before. Every painting is bringing something new. Including confidence and attitude…just saying.

Valerie Dowdy Art—Work In Progress

Someone commented recently on one of my social media posts, what a fun place my brain must be. I didn’t really know how to respond to that, so I made a lame comment, and kept scrolling . The remark has stuck with me. I am reasonably sure that she was complimenting me, and I accepted it as such, but it makes me wonder if other creative people feel like me, and wonder if this statement affects you too? I cannot define or explain my feelings, yet. So, I’ll save further discussion for another day…send me an email if you’d like to contribute a comment.

Valerie Dowdy Art—Work In Progress

You’ve just scrolled past my third image, but what was actually my 5th sitting with this painting. Imagine, I’ve worked 5-8 hr days already, @ $25 hour (that’s the low end of any skilled laborer these days), I have earned $1000. And, we have not even included my materials, canvas, studio space, gas mileage, cost of training, etc. Also, consider, I am only halfway finished. Hmm….

And do not come at me with comments about how we don’t need art to exist. I throw the bullshit card. Try to live without art for one day: NO tv, books, movies, video games, blogs, magazines, music, cars, houses, clothing…it all takes creativity. Every damn thing you use in your life- some where, at some time, a creative person had to first conceive.

If, you think it’s so easy and anyone can do it, then ask a recent customer about their attempt to copyright infringe AND, after failing-still had to hire me to fix it for them.

Valerie Dowdy Art—Work In Progress

Image 4. Half way there.

If you’re still there, and I didn’t run you off with my “pay artists for their work” impassioned blog share, then check back in a few more days for more progress.

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Until then,

Peace, Valerie

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

– Scott Adams

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