When Art Historians Look Back At Art-How Will The COVID19 Pandemic Change Things…

My Two Cents:

Are we entering into a renaissance? How will this pandemic coupled with widening political dissent, fragile economics, and social relations cause and affect the future of art and movements? To try to make sense of the current climate, I began by looking at the past. This article on Meis, a renown art historian, analyzed art made in the wake of the black plague. Using politics, economics, social relations and their interactions into the very center of the study of art history. His approach was novel at the time. What did his findings show, did it change art? Yes and no. But not immediately. In fact not for a century. In a technology era of unlimited and immediate information can we safely assume it will happen and quicker? Or, as with Meis’s findings will a Renaissance usher in a new movements?

To read the article use this link: Bubonic plague in Europe changed art history. Why coronavirus could do the same

An example of the art ushering in The Art Renaissance of the 1300-1600’s. Followed by why and what makes this art important.

Guariento di Arpo, “Madonna of Humility,”
about 1345–1350, tempera and gold leaf on panel.
(J. Paul Getty Museum)

“…you wouldn’t know it from the little Getty panel, dating from the late 1340s, when the plague was at its disastrous peak. With death all around, the painting shows a Madonna of Humility — a brand new type of religious image, one so radical that Meiss’ book devotes an entire chapter to it.In a field of burnished gold, Mary nurses the burbling Christ Child. Rather than enthroned, she sits on the ground like a poor peasant. The pose is unprecedented for the Mother of God, except at the Nativity, but one that underscores humility.Yet, unassuming Mary also wears a magnificent crown; she’s the regal Queen of Heaven now come down to Earth, ready to comfort humanity after death. A golden sunburst made from incised lines radiates outward around her body, emanating from a medallion of the sun affixed to her chest. Imagine the dazzle the luxurious little painting’s owner privately beheld by candlelight! Mary transforms from humble mom into apocalyptic spectacle, a vision of eternal power at the end of the world. She’s a mystical triple threat — a flash of luminosity at light’s grand finale.”


My Art & Two Cents:

Never during our lives and contemporary time has a pandemic with a #shelterathome and #socialdistancing occurred. So many artists are being thrown into a two-edged sword. On one side we have a luxury of creative studio time, while the other side cuts and stings with fear of sickness, loss of income for many, a lack of normalcy.

How will this change Art? Only time will tell.

I Can’t Breathe
Ink on Paper
Same time as last year, I am experiencing the same heath issues
(Some of you may have seen this on my other social media)

Work In Progress
12x36x2 inch canvas


“Work for a cause, not for applause. Remember to live your life to express, not to impress, don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt. – Grace Lichtenstein”

Grace Lichtenstein, Inside Real Estate: The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Your Home, Co-Op, or Condominium
Until Next Time. Stay healthy, and continue to wash your damn hands! 
Peace, Valerie