Welcome to my art studio, my happy place, my creative space, where I find peace.


Last week I had a studio visit. My studio is located in my home. (After a cleaning spree) I decided to share and took a few photos. This lovely tidiness will NOT last long! It is the one place I can make a mess, walk away from that and be totally fine with picking right back up next time. (which is basically daily)

Mural in my Studio

When life gives you an unattractive, chalky lavender’ish painted walls for your studio and you can’t decide what color to repaint, you have not restocked a lot of canvas yet, and need something to do to distract yourself from a lot of other decisions…this happens. I’ll finish the left side, one day, but for now this is it.

My studio is my happy, peaceful, safe, creative space. If yours is not, keep working on changing that until it is. Do not try to copy anyone else’s, do what makes you feel good, sparks your creativity, and visit your place often!

I already want/need more room!

To schedule a private studio visit please fill out the contact page and hit submit. Please understand these visits are screened, limited and for serious inquiries.

Todays quote:

Until next time.

Peace, Valerie


  1. Oh, wow!! I love your studio, Valerie.

  2. I love your studio 💗🌹💗