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Art News:

1-Downtown Lynchburg is featuring a contest for artists to create image designs for vinyl banners. They will be selecting five-the goal being to remind people that the construction going on downtown may not be pretty, but it is temporary.

I do not usually share things like this in advance because it is a little embarrassing when you don’t get selected as a finalist after putting it out there in the universe. However, I like this image a lot, it was fun to make, and I have decided that it is share worthy regardless of the outcome, which is TBA.

Entry for Art On The Fence-Downtown Lynchburg
Reconstruction 2019-2020
Valerie Dowdy ©️all rights reserved

2-Not quite a week ago I had a meeting with an author who wants me to illustrate for a young adult book he’s writing.

It occurs to me afterwards that it is interesting how things just sort of fall into place. I really do need a little break, but have been concerned about making the decision not to participate in the fall/holiday markets. I did not want to compromise my “bread and butter” income here at the end of the year.

Fall Dew On A Web
Valerie Dowdy Photograph ©️all rights reserved
Taken in Southwest Virginia
Fall 2018

But then, this illustration opportunity knocks on my door. I am not able to give away any details, unfortunately, but when I can, you guys will see them here! I am currently reading the manuscript in order to understand the authors vision. It is a fun challenge to interpret his work visually. So, why am I even sharing this, right? Because-I am a little excited!

This project has even rekindled my own small writing project. A few years back I was commissioned to create a holiday art canvas for someone who loves Holiday Moose…or is it mooses….or meeses? ;p Anyway, I did. And the character I made, made me think of a story. Just one problem, my writing skills. The book is completely illustrated though! I’ve butchered and rewritten the story so many times I’d given up on it ever being completed. But Melvin the Moose is on my mind again…

Melvin Moose Illustration by Valerie Dowdy Art
©️all rights reserved

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The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake. -Meister Eckhart


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Peace, Valerie