Let’s Play A Game…

ValArtist Trivia: two ways to play:

First: Answer the 3 questions below correctly in the comment section of this post and I will enter your name for a signed, hand drawn/painted artist trading card in a notecard that you can keep or use for a regift. Contest starts today and will end on Sunday, Mother’s Day. I will announce the winner in next weeks blog post.

  • What was the original name or purpose of my art blog? (hint: it does not contain my name and I shared it this year in a previous post)
  • What was my first professional paid art job? A) illustrator; B) Mural Artist or C) Sub Art Teacher
  • In what state in the US do I live?
Your Choice from these 3 images
MUST follow directions below for entry

Second way to enter: share my my blog on 2 different social media accounts and tag me.

Art talk: I need your help. Please send some ideas of art subjects, artwork or creating that you’d enjoy seeing me blog about. #thestruggleisreal

Otherwise, I am like…


“I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint.” ~ Frida Kahlo

Until next time. Be safe, stay healthy and don’t stop washing r hands! 
Peace, Valerie


  1. 1. Purpose was a painting each day Gor one year.
    2. Mural artist
    3. Virginia