The Social Media Maven Wannabe…

The Social Media Maven (that’s not me) Wannabe (is me)…. has recently, and I’ll be honest, admit was inspired by my recent invitation to earn bonus money for creating reels.
Social media is the bane of almost every creator existence, especially those that try to self promote their work and sell. I’ve been spending a lot more time recently trying to create these reels. A lot of times I think I am overthinking it all. I put a lot of work into some of the, with minimal return.

Social Media Cont. But, you know what really chaps my a$$?! My Art account has the most followers, YET it is the very one that didn’t make the invite cut. The Asthmatic Gardener and Sassy Wine Chick however, BOTH of those were invited.

Your Support: I am telling you all about this because I really need the support of my friends to share, like, comment or follow on my IG post reels (if you will) and I would really appreciate your help.
Since 2020 life is still changing and visual artists that are not willing to become tech savvy and work in digital formats well…the times they are a changing, I think we need to change along with them.
Does this mean I will not create, of course not.

Last, I sell some of my digital designs on and recently was accepted to Amazon Merch. When I get the later figured out I’ll let you know. I’ll be honest-I am feeling A bit like a sellout for putting any work on Amazon. And then alternately not feeling guilty…..maybe I’m a sell out. Maybe not-the battle within continues.

Until next time, Valerie