The Magic Of Trees

The magic of trees has intrigued me most of my life. They’re a place to rest, a place to ponder life or just while away time on a hot summer day. My kids climbed and played amongst them growing up like i did too. They are a life giving source and home for the smallest insect to us.

When it come to art, I guess I’m most known for tree paintings. I’ve created them in every genre or medium I have ever explored through the years. They just find their way into my work. I’ve never made it a secret about how fascinated I am about the life of trees and their importance to our survival .

The Surreal Tree Art: There were a lot of pieces to this series, that began around 2008 through 2015 or thereabouts. I do not know where all the images are these days. Most likely they are locked away in my external hard drive, which I cannot operate and IMO is a devil in technology form.

Click pics to see the full image. I will be listing the available art in the shop with a discounted price! It is time for the rest of them to find homes. If you’re interested let’s talk.

Before i go I want to share a tree story. Some of you may not believe me, nonetheless, it is true and my husband was a witness.

The story: There is a TikTok trend going around where a person will stand near a tree branch and ask the tree to touch them and it does. First, I thought someone was off camera forcing the limb toward the person, because it just seemed too unreal. More and more of these videos appeared in my tik tok feed. So one day, James and I were standing near the drooping branches of a pine tree. I shared the story with him and declared I was going to try, and I did. In fact, I did it twice. I asked the tree if it would touch me and the branch began to move. It touched me both times. My husband‘s eyebrows almost shot off his forehead in surprise. I was grinning like a kid on their birthday. We made our way back to the house in silence. I’ve been watching to see if someone comes forward with a scientific explanation or theory to debunk what happens—nothing yet. I know what I experienced and I’m pretty sure that the tree knows some thing more, something beyond what we may ever understand. After all, they were here before us and will be here long after were gone.

I wonder if any of you have shared this experience with me?

There is a meme that’s been round for years that claims we are all just food for nature and trees-and this is why they take care of us by providing nutrients and oxygen….

Until next time, Valerie