The Eve of Christmas Eve…

2021 is quickly winding down and to a close.

Healthy discontent is the prelude to progress. (Mahatma Gandhi)

just like that, it seems as though 2021 has flown by and is coming to a close. As people gather together to celebrate the season, my thoughts are conflicted. Do I write I about my struggles to organize my thoughts and blog regularly. Or do I attempt to compose my thoughts in some semblance of order to create, hopefully, unified ideas. I think it’s pretty safe to say we are all mentally exhausted. Living during a universal pandemic, there aren’t many of us left personally and/or professionally unaffected by those burdens and heartaches over the last two years, I’d wager.

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out. (James B. Conant)


2021 is the second year in a row that I have not actively sought after show/exhibition opportunities in many years. Not as lucky as some, but luckier than others, I have hobbled along with my art, grateful to my supporters and lovers of art. Interestingly, I have discovered that my other resources of communication and showing art are a lot more fruitful and productive than I realized. Which leads to a need of serious contemplation of the future of the art world as it’s been known thus far. I see rapidly growth, changes and opportunities that are happening within the arts community, with awe, a bit of fear, and excitement.


2022, is a new year, a chance for a fresh beginning. Or, at least it is a new extension of, and opportunity, to creatively explore and progress artistically. What that means for each of us is singularly personal, and unique. It is also something that we struggle to remember and focus our intentions on–my journey is not your journey. Many of our paths will cross or move along parallel for a time. Sometimes they will intertwine, and united grow stronger, branch off in new directions, or maybe break apart to take root somewhere else. Maybe becoming tangled in knots going nowhere and stagnating until we whither and die. That is as it should be. How very boring life would becomeif we all cookie cutter replicas of each other. Find your own way. Wrap yourself in good advice, shed the old as necessary, but most of all keep searching for and following the thing that brings you light and gives you joy.

Digital Art

Don’t waste it.

Peace, Happy Holidays, Get Vaccinated and Stay Healthy!

See ya next year, Valerie