Sunday Art Studios…And The Woman In The Mountain

This evening we visited VCCA, the American branch of the residency happens to be in our neighborhood, and I’d not taken the time to visit. My loss!!! What a great place, and so perfect for intense, creative, submersion. The place blew me away. Virginia Center for Creative Arts check it out, you might even consider applying for a residency sometime. We met artists from Maine, Florida, Colorado, New York, and France. We were having a nice visit with a Welsh portrait artist and his partner, a former writer for the and didn’t get to explore the grounds, but I did snap a few images on my way out of the resident studios, which used to be a working dairy farm that fed the college across the way, Sweet Briar University .

The pics are of the art studios and the day has been muggy and overcast, which created some interesting, but not so great lighting. The collage is of stone sculptures that welcome you as you wind your way toward the entrance gates of VCCA.

I know….I am surrounded by some cool shit! Is it any wonder I’ve been so creative since we finally settled into the little blue house? I finished the, as yet untitled, woman in the mountain painting, and have needed some downtown to regenerate, and rest. Deciding on a title, is maddening, who else agrees?!

Untitled; Valerie Dowdy Art, 36 x w6 x 2 in canvas, oils and acrylics

This concludes my post of many photos. Here’s to a new Monday to start the week off.

Peace, Valerie

I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?” 
 Vincent Willem Van Gogh