Something Different On The Easel…

One of the galleries I am affiliated with is doing an featured exhibit called ‘Dog Days Of Summer’ and I decided to join in because I have never actually tried to paint an animal before, (aka Pet Portraits).

Our son has a bloodhound named Copper, who has a larger than himself (and that’s pretty damn big) personality. Copper is going to be my subject for this foray into pet portrait world. I’ve decide to blog about it, one because i needed to update the blog, and two because I am thinking this will push me to actually complete the artwork.

Copper Bloodhound Dowdy painting in progress, model, follow copper on Instagram @copperbloodhound

I have made a soft beginning, the painting is on a 20×20 inch gallery canvas, and have put in the background colors and started a paint sketch of some of the details. The holiday weekend rolled around and I haven’t spent any time in the studio. Also it is hard to do this when there are things to do outdoors too! I am also going to share some images of my (never-ending work in progress) landscaping.

Porch side view of my beautiful petunia Basket I found this weekend. Pop of color for all our hard work cleaning and planning ting and mulching
Vintage tea kettle I found in the attic of our first home with some beautiful annuals

Hope everyone is enjoy their day off, and getting ready to head back into the grind. For me, I am picking up my art show this coming week, hanging work in a Common Grounds Cafe, and gearing up to teach a children’s art class for the month of June, Monday-Thursday mornings….I’m having a bit of artist’s remorse.

“I hate flowers! I paint them because they’re cheaper than models and they don’t move!” ~Georgia O’Keefe allegedly told a reporter in an interview. 

This quote will make for a good discussion on the artist and her work in future…