Sick & Tired…

Of being sick. My asthma went sideways, turned into bronchitis. Now it’s progressed into pneumonia. I’ve been fighting this for a month now and I’m worn out with it. So yeah, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

In light of the virus scare, you should see me clear an area when I start coughing. It might be funny if it didn’t hurt to cough so much.

No creativity happening around here either.

On a positive note we rescued a dog. Bernie is her name, short for Bernadette. She’s a 5-8 yr old, 12 lb, shih tzu who’s been through the ringer herself. I’ll tell ya more about her later. She’s the sweetest lil thing and been the best company for this artist.

Bernie with her puppy cut-had to get rid of the mats and severely overgrown nails on spa day
Minus 5 teeth from oral surgery.

Until next time.

Peace, Valerie

Save me some damn toilet paper, and hand sanitizer.



  1. Phyllis Hollenbeck

    Bless you for saving Bernie! My guess is you will save each other. Sorry you are so down. Really! Hard for someone with your energy but now is the time to RELAX and heal. As vulnerable as you are I hope you will practice SOCIAL DISTANCING. This is a blip and will pass! Keep us posted.

    • Thank you Phyllis for letting me know you’re out there, understand and with me in spirit. I AM about to pull my hair out and feel very exiled when I’m not coughing my head off. Social distancing is definitely being practiced. I promise. Bernie came along at just the perfect time.