Show Time! Let’s Do This….

Yesterday I gave an art talk to a art group. Now here is a speaking engagement you simply cannot bull shit your way through. They will know.

It is also, for the first time, that I felt somewhat successful (minus some voice quivers). That is a big step for me, especially since there were fifty-sixty people in the room, and I had to sit for over an hour, worrying, before I spoke. It’s a thousand miracles I did not hyper ventilate, proceed to pass out and then ooze out of my chair into a sweaty puddle. (How’s that for artist visualization?)

Phase two of this weekend kicks off in a few hours with my official show opening. Please join me from 3-5 pm today at Ebb & Flow Art Reception Info-9/7/19, 3-5pm

Time for me to get busy worrying about what I’m going to wear and all that other stuff. I will be excited to get this exhibit off on what will hopefully be a good footing and then ends with a fun evening of dinner at a really cool looking place we’ve discovered Basic Necessities Restaurant & Shop