Sassy Wine Chick Comic & Digital Art Portraits…


In case you didn’t already know, I create a comic page called Sassy Wine Chick. (Follow her on Instagram & Twitter) Her popularity is growing amongst wine lovers, wineries, etc. (thank you Sassy Friends❤️?). I thought I’d take a minute to share her back story.

Originally, I created #SassyWineChick (shameless hashtag plug) for a fellow wine drinking buddy. I printed a set of cards and gifted them to her. People were interested in her, so I made a few more and a few more… after a while I decided to create a weekly comic page on social media.

I’ve recently had followers reaching out to me for a digital interpretation of themselves. I’ve created some for people in the US, England, and recently added New Zealand to my list with the lovely redhead above!

If you’re interested in a digitally hand drawn pic…CONTACT ME