Oh Industry

I am currently preparing for a show in 2019 and part of the process (for me) is reviewing older pieces as I continue to build my portfolio. This piece was created during “my view from 1502”. I was creating a painting everyday for the entire year of 2011. This painting is Day 201. I created, then left this work, but knew in my gut it wasn’t finished. There was an evolution happening in my daily painting, that was difficult for me to conceive at that time. I also knew very little about surreal art. But, I was captivated by its power, imagery and dreamlike reality.

After a brief hiatus from painting, I needed to rest, enjoy and study my body of work that encapsulated an entire year of my life. I was trying to understand the “how and what” of my paintings gravitation in this very different direction, in order to be able to begin creating again. Surrealism allows me to express myself in a way I’d never explored before as a painter. This piece and the others were pivotal, helping me to bridge the conscious and subconscious of my artistic psyche.