New But Untitled Artwork…

When the golden eyed vixen began to come to life on my canvas, I imagined her name would be Penny. Quickly though she evolved and I knew that sweet name just wouldn’t suit her any longer. I’m still torn between a couple reactions to her, one being the name Roxanne-she reminds me of the dancing characters in Moulin Rouge. And the other being something earth related. There is an element of the earth mother in her persona. But then, sexuality, is a very earthy natural emotion.

I almost changed her sort of pouty/puckered lips, but i couldn’t. I love that she seems to know/see something humorous that the rest of us are not privy to.

Peace, Valerie

The Moulin Rouge:

The Unconscious Argentinean: We have a dance in the brothels of Buenos Aires. It tells the story of the prostitute and a man who falls in love with her. First, there is desire. Then, passion. Then, suspicion. Jealousy. Anger. Betrayal. When love is for the highest bidder, there can be no trust. Without trust, there can be no love. Jealousy, yes, jealousy will drive you mad.

Untitled-Valerie Dowdy Art