My Paintbrush Is My Instrument, Your Support Is The Catalyst…

On A Personal & Artistic Note:

While I was under the weather, I needed to retrieve art from a group show. I had participated never expecting to suddenly get laid low with bronchitis/pneumonia. When it came time to pick up my work, we were having trouble making arrangements and a kind artist friend picked up my pieces and took them to her home. And there, and there…

Valerie Dowdy Art
Collage of work 2018-2019
Some pieces still available-contact me to inquire

If you’re wondering why I am using a blog post to share this, it is to describe to you my experience of seeing my art again safely with me after a long absence. I would compare it to having your children back home safe. Not because I worried about their care, but instead because of the tangible connection I feel.

Valerie Dowdy Art
20x20x2 inch
Available for purchase-contact me to inquire

This emotional link runs deep for a lot of artists. In fact, I’ve even been guilty of purposely over pricing work because I don’t feel ready to let it go. Which seems crazy, when artists (me) are always looking for buyers and support, right?! Damn if I know how to really explain this, it just exists. My art is a such an close part of me exposed with paint, canvas and brushes.

Valerie Dowdy Art
Journey Of Motherhood
36x36x2 inch canvas
Available-contact me to inquire

In spite of my bumbling, inability to explain my work verbally, it is heartfelt, internal and hopefully thought provoking. My paintbrush is my instrument which visually articulates and manipulates in colors, shapes and symbolism on a canvas. Exposing my art to the public for critique and potentially sale is a conclusion of this journey. And like a good book, hopefully lingers in your subconscious.

~Valerie Dowdy

Conclusion & Quote:

Please support artists as we move attempt to survive and move forward especially now. Close your eyes and imagine your current situation without movies, books, art, music, video games, zoom, and so on without artists!! But working together we will survive this crazy pandemic and quarantine. Hopefully coming out on the other a little wiser and kinder.

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” – Edward Hopper

Until next time. 
Peace, Val

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