My Life-WIP, Insomnia, and sketching…

The butterfly is almost finished and there are a couple more things in progress. My ant morphed into a sort of ant/grasshopper. Not cool. Need to try that again. And the bumble bee definitely has some serious personality beginning to show.

I have a lot of layers going into to this canvas. Odd isn’t it how you start with an idea and then something sort of magical begins to happen as you work. Sometimes my work takes me in directions I didn’t even see for my, consciously.

I’m still riding this creative train, and it’s amazing, but if I’m honest, a little scary too. I’ve never been quite so creatively active before. But then, I have never had the opportunity to focus solely on my art either. The only down side is trying (and failing so far) to shut my brain down.

Insomnia, the dread curse of artists, and anyone who thinks too much.

Drew this sketch a couple nights ago, (when I was not sleeping).

Peace, Valerie