In The Merry Month Of May…

Greetings & Salutations,

Let’s see, I am honestly not sure where to begin. It has been such a personal struggle to be consistent and keep up with posting on the blog, including all my other social media. But if I am being totally honest, it is easier to share on the other pages via Instagram- I can link together and one post covers three. Anyway…

I spent a few months working on illustrations for a children’s book. I created a total of 15 images. It is fun, and challenging to take someone else’s vision and words and turn them into imagery that represents/encompasses their vision. This is book two in the authors series and I am looking forward to working with him on book three, that is currently in progress. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of this older children’s book, contact me for more information. I’ve enjoyed reading the books myself.

Next, I spent some time working on a new painting. I shared her in the earlier stages, referring to her as the girl in the yellow scarf. well…she’s not wearing a yellow scarf any longer. She took an unplanned, but inspired, right turn toward the cosmos. I’ve also been working on a stronger google presence. Please consider checking me out or doing a review. They are the manna for us artists on social media networking.


Then, the weather began to change and warm up. If you know me at all, then you know I am ruled by the sun. It calls to me with a magnetism like nothing else. I have been outside and haunting garden centers, online shops and suppliers spending, well too much, time and money. But it gives me such joy, so much. Especially after a long dark gloomy winter. In fact here are some of the beauties coming alive in my landscape and gardens.

I do not want to overload you with information, so I will end this post here with my usual art quote and well wishes.

As the sun colors, so too does Art color life

John Lubbock

Peace, Good health & Get your vaccine already if you have not! I did.