I Have Two Sketchbooks…

And they are distinctly different from each other, yet distinctly similar. In a digital world where technology companies roll out new and improving systems, that seem almost daily at times, I decided a while back that I was going to do my bit to learn (at least) rudimentary skills and knowledge. I do not mean just learning how to navigate Instagram or Twitter, folks.

Digital Art. There, I said it, the evil, feared, and misunderstood genre of the millennial era. I admit, I was a skeptic too in the beginning. It seemed like being a digital artist was somehow cheating. (Oh don’t get me wrong-in this copy and paste culture I know very well how easy it is to cheat, especially digitally).

Look at all those brushes at my fingertips-with more inside each choice!

But, I ask you, is it really cheating to use a smart pen on a digital tablet? We’ve accepted smart phones, Nest, Alexa and all the other technology that has rolled out, conveyor belt style, to “simplify” our lives. (Another topic for another post) Why wouldn’t we want to embrace digital art too? I use and have many reasons why I like creating work on my iPad (yes I bit the Apple years ago).

  1. I like only needing one pencil that can become many things, from eraser to paintbrushes.
  2. No water, or chemicals or bulky canvas, books, paper needed.
  3. I like the convenience and ease of hauling my WIP along with me where ever I go.
  4. I like NOT spending tons of money on canvas, ink, or paint and other supplies.
  5. I like that I don’t always have to separate myself from my family to work on projects in my studio.

I could go on. I can also create a list of negative things about digital art too. I won’t waste words or time because I’m pretty sure if you’re still reading, you already have your own mental lists.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can myself, and I say to you, whether I am creating art on a piece of technology or working old school in a sketchbook and on a canvas, I try to be true to myself, my goals and my commissions. I share my progress, love to talk about art and all the different processes. I know why I create, and it is as much for myself, as my patrons and supporters. If you’re going to “cheat” when you make art, aren’t you missing the whole point and reward of being a creative to begin with?

Work In Progress-Digital Art by Valerie Dowdy

I don’t know a lot, but it seems that karma will-will you out  and eventually bite you in the ass anyway if you do cheat. I sincerely hope you will consider my thoughts on digital art and technology in the same way you would take a workshop or learn a new technique.

Knowledge is power and relevant to any generation. Art & Technology combined can be boundless. Have you ever seen or visited any of the digitally interactive art projects? Do yourself a favor and try one. They offer a new meaning to immersive art. Stay in a game of a quickly evolving market. If I can learn, you can too.

Peace, Valerie

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You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul. ~George Bernard Shaw