Hello….is it me your looking for?

Fall decorating: random photo share because I am so excited to have the table I’ve been restoring finished and ready for meal times.
…now to find some chairs (preferably mid century modern)

Sorry I sort of disappeared for a little bit. I really needed some downtime. Believe it or not these posts are work for me. I struggle with sharing and so like anything I don’t like to do, the longer I put it off, the harder it is for me to pick it back up.

Art Updates:

Work in Progress: Valerie Dowdy Art ©️All Rights Reserved 2019

A new painting is underway. I know, I know. The flow of my creativity has been as generous as any artist can ever hope for during the pasT couple of years. I really do believe in the quote I have shared more than once; ‘creativity will come, but it has to find you working’.

In Central Virginia it is still very warm, reaching 90 or close to it most days, even though we are mid-September and the leaves are falling steadily from the trees. It feels odd for me to be painting snowman scenes while wearing a tank top. But, I do! I landed this contract that Is now four years old. I create annual service awards for an insurance company office employees. I was approached, by a patron who found themselves in the position of being in charge of this program. In order to snag this opportunity, some upfront work was required by me, but the repeat business, confidence and appreciation in the quality of my art, all make for nice fall bonus each year. I enjoy having a little fun creating their pieces.

Sneak Peek—snowmen in progress Valerie Dowdy Art©️all rights reserved
(One Of these days I have to paint these blue purple walls in my studio)

Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together. ~Van Gogh

Upcoming Calendar:

I will be participating in an event downtown called Art On The Sidewalk in the Diamond District; October 12, 10-4pm. If you’re local, I hope you’ll join me. I will, of course, have some art, my repurposed bracelets, silk scarves, and coloring books.

If you’re in the area come say hello!

Do a little early Holiday Shopping!

Until next time.

Peace, Valerie